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Our staff is available to answer your questions regarding the certification and audit processes, interpretation of  the standards, scheduling, billing, accreditation, etc.
Please call or contact us anytime with questions.

Office Hours – 8 am to 5 pm MST
Telephone – (800) 446-0674 or (303) 456-6010         
FAX – (303) 456-6681
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WEB PaulPaul M. Burck – President   
Paul is the President and founder of Orion Registrar, Inc. with over 25 years experience in quality and environmental management systems. He is an IRCA certified auditor. 
Contact Info: Email:    Phone: 303-645-4002

WEB JoAnn BurckJoAnn Burck –
Owner / CFO 
Contact Info: Email:    Phone: 303-645-4002


  Orion Staff and Contacts

Lori Profile Pic

Quotes / Marketing Coordinator: Lori Johnson
Email:    Phone: 303-645-4017


 Barb web photo

New Client Coordinator / Scheduling / Logos: Barbara Bernhardt
Email: Phone: 303-645-4020



Existing Client Coordinator / Scheduling Tracy Minges
Email: Phone: 303-645-4001


Existing Client Coordinator / Scheduling Annette Olivas
Email: Phone: 303-645-4012


 WEB Susi 

Auditor Competency Administrator:  Susi Knight 
Email:    Phone: 303-645-4007

Accounting / Finance:  Nannette Qualls Newth
 Email:   Phone: 303-645-4013


 Elsa Zarate

 Customer Care / Technical Review Manager / Certifier: Elsa Zarate
Email:    Phone: 303-645-4006

  Paco Photo
Contract Lead Auditor: Francisco Vazquez Torres
Email:    Phone: 303-645-4006



Technical Review and Certifier: Karen Mustoe
Email:    Phone: 303-645-4003



Technical Review and Certifier: Brenda VanDeman
Email:      Phone: 303-645-4025

WEB Tina

US and International Certificates Coordinator : Tina Tiu
Email:    Phone: 303-645-4008


Patti Walter

► Aerospace Specialist:  Patricia Walter
Email:    Phone: 303-645-4019


► Aerospace Tech Review:   Gloria Moore
Email:    Phone: 303-645-4015

WEB Penny
Regulatory Compliance and Program Director: Penny Ouellette

Email:    Phone: 303-645-4023


WEB Cao Hua
Project Coordinator / IT Support : Cao Hua
Email:   Phone: 303-645-4014






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